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Written by Alan Frayn.

Directed by Judith Jackson, musical direction by Patrick Williams, choreography by Jacky Logan and Joanna Purcell.

Our version of this classic pantomime aimed to include all the traditional elements of the genre: song, dance, slapstick scenes, custard pies, corny jokes and slapping thighs.


Our cast ranged from 8 to 84 years old and really represented what a wonderfully inclusive group we are. The lyrics of our joyful finale song summed it up:


"Life's a happy song when there's someone by your side to sing along" .

Mornington Hall, 16th-19th February 2022

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NODA review highlights

Pantomime provides a fun filled vehicle for cast and audience alike and Cinderella is perhaps the best of them all. This production allowed for a large cast to be actively involved and the expanded family of builders and a full fairy gang were such good ideas. A cast this size which spanned 76 years of age difference, is remarkable and says so much about the club that is CADOS.

Simple but effective sets worked well ... they were first class ... cartoon style houses and trees, just right for the panto style.(The director) did another great job involving so many members in this production. It was lovely to see the children involved and they were well drilled and aware of what was needed of them. Good dance and choreography from Jacky Logan and Joanna Purcell: a few highlights were tap dancing, Fever and Downtown. Patrick Williams crafted the music very well. I especially liked the incidental music and sounds between scenes, some excellent choices. I liked the dry ice to start and so did the children near me in the audience, a great way of taking us into your make-believe world.

The more mature gang of fairies was an inspired idea. From the start with No-One Loves a Fairy When She’s Forty we got the joke ...very funny, and with added tap dancing too. Downtown was a good number and the lines for the individual villagers was a nice touch. I liked the trolleys for the two Sisters arrival and their water pistols. The ghost scene gave us everything we wanted and was fun. We knew what was going to happen and loved watching it materialise. Good traditional business. The shadow puppets on the screen were a lovely idea and brought another different aspect to the production. It was well executed and introduced the magical coach and attendants cleverly. I really enjoyed the Ballroom scene with the costumes, lighting and dancing giving a good contrast in atmosphere from Act I. Fever was a great number in dance and style. Act II (had) pace and confidence (and) by It is Our Mission the cast were in full flow that led to a punchy ending that sped along. I loved the final Happy Song number.

It was a fun and friendly production that you appeared to enjoy performing. Your audience thoroughly enjoyed watching and had a good night’s entertainment. Cinderella allowed many of the CADOS team to work together and that is the real strength of CADOS. For one society to have performed a musical, a play and now a pantomime all within seven months show great versatility and variety. I can see why CADOS has so many active members and is thriving following the pandemic. Keep up the excellent work!

Paul Daynes, NODA Regional Representative

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