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The Party

Devised  by Angela Struthers and Marcus Scroop (The Secret Musical Society)

Directed by Angela Struthers, musical direction by Marcus Scroop, choreography by Jacky Logan.

​This feel-good original musical was inspired by the long, hot summer of 1976. It opened with an original song composed by Marcus Scroop and was then developed using classic dance hits form that year including You Should Be Dancing by the Bee Gees, Cliff Richard's Devil Woman and I Love To Boogie by T. Rex, Its jukebox style told the story of Derek and Eileen celebrating their wedding anniversary with friends, family and neighbours. 

The cast and audience thoroughly enjoyed the style and sounds of this singalong nostalgia trip. 

Mornington Hall, 15th-18th June 2022

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NODA review highlights

Congratulations for winning the NODA Flame Award for 2021/22 which you received on Sunday 19th June. In the citation that accompanied the Award it said “CADOS are special. It’s a club of friends who care for each other and enjoy putting on shows”. This was evident again on the Thursday night when I saw ‘The Party’. I can’t imagine any other local company putting on this show and selling out. Twenty-five people of all ages on stage having a good time made for a great warm June evening.


It was an honour to see a new production and reading about the approach you took it sounds like you had a lot of fun, even with the Covid interruptions. I was driving home trying to think what type of show I’d just seen. It had elements of being a review, a musical, a Karaoke party or even a pantomime without really being any of these. Perhaps you’ve invented a new genre. If anything, it was rather like attending the evening do of a cracking wedding or a themed office Christmas party. In the end I gave up concerning myself with this and just accepted the show for what it was, good fun and a great experience.

Paul Daynes, NODA Regional Representative

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