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The Diary of Anne Frank

Written by Albert Hackett and Frances Hackett.

Directed by Daniel Slade.

This powerful piece tells the true story of teenager Anne Frank, who documented the years she spent in hiding during the Holocaust of World War II.


Despite the hardship, fear and and tragedy, the hope and joy within the human spirit shine through.


"In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.... I think that this cruelty too will end and that peace and tranquillity will return again" Anne Frank.

Mornington Hall, 3rd-6th November 2021

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NODA review highlights

Recreating the annex, finding the right tone, the demands for the actors and being true to the story all make this piece a hard one to get right. But I need not have worried. This production was of high quality that rose to the challenges and delivered a very good result.

I am full of admiration for Daniel Slade for wanting to produce this play. It is an ambitious work with tricky aspects to overcome. One not for the faint hearted and requiring a skilled and experienced Director to interpret the script and guide the actors.


Some lovely pictures were created; placing the actors around the table in Act 1 Scene 2, the dramatic circle facing outwards at the end of the play and the rather harrowing exit of each individual as Mr Frank tells of their demise. 


Olivia Lassen gave an exceptional performance as Anne. A wonderful but demanding part that requires real skill to remain authentic and exhibit the emotions and thoughts of Anne at 13 contending with the two years of confinement. There is so much I liked about Olivia’s performance, it’s difficult to know where to begin.

This was a very well-crafted production. Having watched, I still think this is a difficult play to get the tone right whilst making it accessible for the audience, but together you achieved a production of real quality and retold an important story with sensitivity and respect. Congratulations.

Paul Daynes, NODA Regional Representative

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