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Made in Dagenham

Music by David Arnold, lyrics by Richard Thomas, book by Richard Dean.

Directed by Judith Jackson, musical direction by Patrick Williams, choreography by Jacky Logan.

This musical based on the actual events celebrates the determination of the women workers at the Ford Dagenham car factory who in the 1960s battled to secure equal pay.


"In the war, women worked as doctors, bus drivers, land girls. Ergo we won that war together and yet women are still being asked to make do, to wait until tomorrow.... Nothing changes if it isn't challenged. So stand up for women's rights because, you know, if not now, when?"

Mornington Hall, 28th-31st July 2021

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NODA review highlights

What a treat it was to attend a live local community theatre production for the first time in 17 months. You are all to be congratulated, admired and held in high esteem for battling through the isolation of Covid, the Zoom auditions and rehearsals, the rule of six and then coming together in only recent times to so successfully put on a great production.

What a good idea to use a traverse stage. It gave an excellent space to move the cast and distance the factions that appear (men v women, management v workers). The audience got a fantastic ring side seat and were propelled into the action.

This production had the mark of an experienced and gifted artistic director who was able to get the cast and crew to pull together to deliver under uniquely difficult circumstances. Thank you.

You should all be proud of Made in Dagenham. The biggest compliment I can pay is that the audience would never have known that Covid got in the way. We saw a fun, meaningful musical with a great local story performed with warmth, camaraderie and passion.

Paul Daynes, NODA Regional Representative

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