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What's on?

Upcoming shows and events

As well as our forthcoming productions highlighted below we have regular social and fundraising events. Coming soon:  

  • 15th June 2024 - Chingford Village Festival - cakes and drinks on sale in Mornington Hall followed by a CADOS Karaoke Evening 

  • 13th July 2024 - 'A Room We Share' classical concert fundraiser 

  • 14th September 2024 - CADOS game night fundraiser with pool, tables tennis and board games

  • 16th November - 'Strictly Sparkle' ballroom dance fundraiser featuring Jacky's Jukebox


Mornington's Modern Music Hall

Our Mornington Hall 100 year anniversary commemorations will continue in October with a cabaret-style evening of songs throughout the decades form the 1920s to the 2020s. Share the celebrations with us and come dressed to impress. Souvenir merchandise (brochures outlining the history of the hall and commemoratives mugs will be available for purchase)


The performances will run from 23rd - 26th October 2024 at Mornington Hall. 


Modern European drama originated from the amphitheatres of ancient Greece and Rome. Our next production pays tribute to a play written in 441BC by Sophocles for the Athenian Festival of Dionysus (the god of festivities, wine and theatre amongst other things!), with a modern adaptation of his tragedy 'Antigone'. See how tragedy unfolds when a young woman pits her principles and family loyalty against the powers of the state and the law. 


The performances will run from 19th-22nd February 2025 at Mornington Hall. 

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