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Beyond The Bricks

Script and Lyrics by Theresa Rendle

Music composed by Marcus Scroop

Directed by Isobel Rodney

Musical direction by Marcus Scroop

Choreography by Jacky Logan

In order to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of our venue, Mornington Hall, we were able to gain a generous 'Make It Happen' grant from Waltham Forest. This enabled us to commission local writer, Theresa Rendle, to undertake research into the history of the hall and create a script to celebrate its rich history. The grant also enabled us to commission our own member, Marcus Scroop, to compose bespoke songs for the piece and for local film maker, Linda McDonald Cairns, to create a short documentary about the hall. The resulting play 'Beyond The Bricks', used a collage of real past events and fictionalised imaginings to tell the story of how a hall cleaner, 'Melody' reminisces about a drama group's (Forest Footlights) campaign to save the building from council plans to sell it to developers. She is visited by the spirits of past occupants of the hall, including: WW2 ARP and WRVS wardens, a dinner lady and the 1924 Co-principals of the original Mornington School, Edith Hunt and Muriel Nix. These characters persuade 'Melody' to adapt Muriel's children's story 'Mrs Winkle' into a puppet show play which helps gain the support of the local community in ensuring that the hall remains. CADOS is proud to be current custodians of the hall and we were delighted that the performances resonated with many in the audience who had memories of using the hall in many ways over many decades. 

Mornington Hall, 15th - 18th May 2024

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