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Creative Streak

Original pieces written by Tom Adlam, Anna Cohen, Sue Haydon, Jacky Logan, Marcus Scroop, Isla Stewart, John White 

Directed by Anna Cohen, Sue Haydon, Judie Hazeldine, Jacky Logan, Pam May, Susan Menge, Marcus Scroop. Original music composed Jacky Logan/ Brigitte Califano and by Marcus Scroop

Our members embraced the challenge of writing and directing brand new pieces of work. The result was 8 original, diverse pieces that were showcased each evening. The pieces covered a range of genres and dealt with a a fascinating mix of scenarios and human experiences.

​'Downswing' - An extract from a musical set in a golf club where a woman is torn between her loyalties to her husband and her sister
'Disposition' - Set inside a mind where the. 4 voices of personality argue for control
'Always About You' -Set in the corner of a cafe where we observe the ups and downs of a family over the period of 25 years
'Shaggy Dog Story' - An Edwardian detective story that descends into a farce, breaks the fourth wall and there’s a dog
The Times They Are A’Changing - Set in a 1960s family home where the generation gap between a daughter and her parents seems to be widening
'Remo at large: The Blind Date' - A blind date in a fish restaurant goes wrong
'It' - Explores two characters who get tied up in the confusions of language
'Cheek to Cheek' -A tale of romance and tap dancing

This ambitious project lead to a rich and varied evening for all involved 


Mornington Hall, 10th-13th May 2023

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