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Dick Whittington

Adapted by Daniel Slade.

Directed by Daniel Slade and Lewis Kennedy.

Our first foray into pantomime for decades was a joy to be part of and went down exceptionally well with audiences young and old!

The show featured everything you'd expect from a traditional family panto. Dick met the love of his life but things didn't quite run to plan. A fabulous dame (with countless outrageous outfits) and her nitwit son provided the laughs. A fairy brought some magic. And the crowds did a fantastic job of boo-ing at Queen Rat and her rat minions.

We were all really sad when this show was behind us...

Mornington Hall, 20th-24th February 2019

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NODA review highlights

The principals were well cast and the juvenile ensemble added to the whole show. Everyone looked as if they were having a great time which of course rubs off on the audience. It was evident that your direction was clear and well thought through, maximising the use of the stage and performers.

All the panto elements were here even the custard pie routine. You must have had so much fun in rehearsal: I hope so.

Congratulations to both directors - the cast were well drilled and rehearsed. I hope you were pleased with the outcome. You should have been.

Sarah the Cook was played by Dan Baker. I so enjoyed this performance. From your first entrance, you were completely at ease with your character. You believed in Sarah and that goes a long way to making a successful performance. The timbre of your voice was right, you timed gags well and worked with Jack as a team. The totally outrageous costumes, wigs and hats added to your performance.

I admire all that you are doing to keep CADOS an active society. Your committee and
many others clearly work assiduously to ensure a varied diary of events both for your 
audience and your members young and not so young.

Lindsey Kennedy, NODA Regional Representative

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